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Choose a championship quality snooker table

By working with trusted international manufacturers, we are able to provide our customers with the quality tables that meet their demands. Here at CueWorld, we bring the best of the world to Australia, so that you can find a snooker table that meets international standards.

In addition to this, you can expect exceptional customer service, and the best possible prices for all tables, cues, and accessories. Our select range of snooker tables showcases the very best in design, with the high-quality slate, premium quality rails, and frames that these brands are known for.

Here at CueWorld you will find expertly crafted billiard tables

In order to provide our customers with a range of professional playing tables, we have imported billiard tables from revered manufacturers. Diamond Billiard Products proudly make their tables in the United States to meet or exceed the Billiard Congress of America specifications.

If you are after a tournament-quality billiard table, then why not start your search with this stunning range. The craft and care that goes into every one of these tables means that you can expect exceptional play capability, and a table that’s engineered for performance, whether it’s employed in commercial or private use.

Find your next bar table, home table, or tournament pool table

Many of our tables are available in eight-foot or nine-foot options. We also have options for seven-foot bar tables, and twelve-foot snooker tables. The tables that we supply here at CueWorld can be seen in commercial settings and international tournaments.

We source the pool tables that have been designed and tested by professionals. And by offering tables at a range of reasonable price points, we ensure we have the right products for our customers, whether they will be for home or commercial use, or for professional play in a tournament setting.

View the range here, or contact our team if you have any further questions or specifications. By shopping online, you can instantly see whether your chosen table is in stock. You can also choose from options including the table finish, table size, and cloth colour. You will be able to calculate shipping, and view your warranty options. Of course, if you would prefer to talk to a member of our expert team about your purchase, then we will be only too happy to help. Fill out the online enquiry form or give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.