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We’re proud to be the No.1 Predator and Poison dealer in Australia, and to stock some of the world’s favourite brands. Amongst the CueWorld range you’ll find:

  • Predator Cues
  • Valhalla by Viking Cues
  • Players Cues
  • Omin Snooker Cues

Whatever your game, you will find the premium cues that you need here at CueWorld. We’re the number one supplier of quality pool cues for the 2 ¼ inch ball game (American Pool) and we also stock options for snooker and English Pool.

Powerful break pool cues for every game

For a faster, more powerful break, have a browse through our range of exceptional break pool cues from brands like Predator and Valhalla by Viking Cues. These cues feature the best in technology blended with traditional craft, giving you the precise control and solid performance that you have been searching for.

You will find a break cue to suit your own preference and playing style. Whether you are seeking maximum power and a stronger start, or have been searching for the ideal break cue to complete your collection, you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements in the CueWorld range.

Jump pool cues for your next great escape

When you find yourself in a tight spot, reach for your trusted jump cue. You will find a select range of exceptional jump cues at CueWorld, from some of the world’s leading names. These cues have been engineered with precision to offer you the ultimate in performance. Add one of these to your cue case, and you will know that you can always reach for the right pool cue. Australia wide, these jump cues can be found at the top tournaments, providing the extreme accuracy and consistency that they are known for.

The perfect play pool cues for Australia

Whether you are searching for a great all-rounder, or have very specific requirements for your next pool cue, you will find some outstanding play cues within the CueWorld range. By working with the world’s top brands, we are able to offer the pool cues Australia can rely on for practice, for fun, or for professional competition.

Built for performance and durability, most of the cues in our range come with generous warranties as standard. If you care for these premium cues, then you could well find that they last a lifetime.

You can browse the range online, add pool cues to your wish list, and calculate shipping both within Australia and for international orders. If you have any further questions, then our knowledgeable team will be only too happy to help. Send us an email or give us a call, and we will be glad to answer your questions or to offer advice.