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Find snooker chalk with excellent hold and consistency

If you are using a hard phenolic or leather break tip, then you will want a chalk that holds well. We have the tried and tested chalks that allow you to execute a faster break shot with less chance of a miscue. These high adherence, low transference chalks offer you a cleaner playing experience. They will also last far longer than other chalks, providing you with exceptional value for money.

If you have been searching for a chalk with the ideal consistency, one that is dry but not flaky, and which will coat the tip well without unnecessary mess, then why not look through the range of snooker chalk available in the CueWorld store.

Choose a smooth feel billiard chalk for complete control

Whatever you look for in a chalk, you are sure to find a suitable product within the CueWorld range. We all have our own preferences, and we are always happy to hear customer feedback, so that we know we’re sourcing the best billiard chalk for everyone’s needs.

Many of the chalks that we supply come from the top names in the industry. These brands have put considerable time and effort into their research and development processes, a natural extension of their incredible commitment to craft.

With every slight adjustment having the potential to alter your game, you can give yourself the edge by choosing the products and accessories you know you can rely on.

Order your pool chalk from CueWorld for great prices on premium products

Here at CueWorld, we are excited to see pool develop and grow within Australia (and throughout the world). We work with premium brands to bring you the very best products at a range of price points. Whether you are at the entry level, or searching for the tools and tricks that give you the edge, we strive to provide the products that our customers want.

Our online store provides you with a range of options. You can add products to your wish list, calculate shipping costs, or request notifications for out-of-stock products. Add some premium pool chalk to your cart today and expect fast shipping so that it’s in your hands sooner.