CUESOUL, a great band from the US, its owner, CUESOUL SPORTS INC. Has authorized XIAMEN TOWIN TRADE CO., LTD to be the exclusive seller/ retailer in China and all over the world.


Band Introduction

CUESOUL, the combination of world CUE and SOUL, created by Kenny, the owner of CUESOUL SPORTS INC. You cannot find this word in dictionary, but it means a lot. Cue; normally prefer the stick you used to play billiard game. But sometimes people mean it "implying”. It is an occasional story that Mr Kenny creates this band. Mr Kenny has been playing darts and billiards many years before he had this word.

Some day, he played billiard game in a bar. And luckily, as if with God's help, he won the all-20 games he attended. All the people in the bar cheered for him. He looked around and found a beauty implying at him by raising the glass.

As every one can imagine, something wonderful happen at that night, from then on, billiards and darts became SOUL OF A CUE FROM BEAUTIFUL GIRL for him.

With the great achievement in playing darts and billiards, he therefore create phrase CUESOUL, and work on that to make a great band, sell it on the internet to all over the world, sharing the great sense to the people all over the world. CUESOUL, with great concept, working on many products. CUESOUL people will introduce more and more of them to you.