STIGA indoor table tennis tables are either made in China or Germany. They range in table top thickness from 12mm to 30mm. The metal frames on the STIGA ping pong tables tend to be stronger and thicker than equivalent tables from competing brands. Competition level table tennis tables are approved by ITTF (the International Table Tennis Federation) and STIGA tables are used by the overwhelming majority of Table Tennis Clubs and Associations in Australia. STIGA is the most famous brand of table tennis tables internationally and the tables have had a strong and continuous market presence in Australia for nearly half a century. 

STIGA tables are manufactured to the highest standards and the wood and paint is of the highest quality. The manufacturing process involves numerous painting and sanding procedures unique to STIGA. This results in a surface with exceptionally high bounce characteristics. The ball bounce on any STIGA indoor table tennis table does not skid low unlike most table tennis tables from other brands. The unique paint grabs the ball and kicks spin resulting in a more enjoyable playing experience. STIGA is renowned for their table design and innovation. Tables come in one piece with net permanently attached, or two separate half pieces for more compact storage.

Many models have bats and ball holders on the side of the table and nearly all tables are EN approved (European Safety Standards). Most STIGA indoor table tennis tables have playback-mode where one half is lowered and the other half left vertical offering a practice set-up. One of the big pluses of buying a STIGA table is the back-up and warranty. On the rare occasion they are needed, spare parts can always be obtained even for older models of tables.